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I wanted to hear conversations with Brian. I wanted to know what he was doing and what he learned. I wanted a lot more details about how Leslie met David and what happened between them in N. The mother told someone about the trust. That did not make sense at all. I think the author should have come up with something better like overhearing a conversation, or sleeping with the attorney, or seeing a drawer open that should have been locked.

And she knew he was trying to kill her. Why do it now? A couple of them are killed when trying to kill Jemma. I wanted to know what their connection was and what their bosses were going to do next. Or if so, what was the explanation? I liked two odd characters, but they were bit parts. Jemma has a conversation with a stranger on the subway platform. I enjoyed her guesses as to what kind of man he was and where he was from.

I was also intrigued by an eccentric elderly lady on the bus who gives Jemma psychic-type advice. I would have liked more on those characters. All the other characters were typical, normal, predictable, good guys and bad guys. The first sex scene was passionate and pretty good. Jemma left her husband a year ago. Her divorce was recently finalized. Someone pushes her toward the subway train tracks, but she luckily survives. A gunman comes into a coffee shop planning to shoot Jemma and again she luckily survives.

Jemma travels to N. Dakota but is stranded due to a snowstorm. Jemma stays at the cabin with Wyatt for a couple of days until the storm is over. They start to like each other. Wyatt then learns that David almost died in a hit and run accident. He rushes off to see David in the hospital. Three months later, Wyatt visits Jemma in Boston. He has learned that someone tried to kill David who also is trying to kill Jemma. He stays with Jemma to keep her safe while they investigate who wants her dead and why. Number of sex scenes: Estimated number of sex scene pages: Dakota, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.

Aug 31, LynnMarie rated it it was amazing. There is something in it for anyone who loves to read a variety of scenarios. Jemma Abbott was a woman who learned that she couldn't trust anyone. She couldn't tell friend from foe in this story, all she knew was that bad things kept happening to her-first her father committed suicide, her mother was in indifferent to her, and then she married a man who wanted to control her-next came the miscarriage which led to a divorce.

So no wonder was she gun shy when she met Wyatt Kelly, a man who seemed one thing and acted differently.

Saving Jemma

Wyatt couldn't figure out who this woman, that acted like he was jack the ripper, was. She was the one who contacted him, or rather was trying to contact his cousin.

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Jemma had secrets, secrets that could help get her killed. When his cousin ended up getting hurt by just being associated with Jemma, Wyatt put two and two together and came up with murder and betrayal. Wyatt would do anything to keep Jemma safe, but with her trust issues, would she allow him to get close enough to do it? Jemma knew she was in trouble but she couldn't figure out why people, or better yet, her ex-husband and friend was trying to kill her. She knew she needed Wyatt's help, but with past betrayals could she trust her heart to know? This book has everything: Aug 30, Marissa Dobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Saving Jemma has something for everyone.

It is a variety of scenarios that all flow very well together. Pamela did a wonderful job bringing it all together.

Poor Jemma Abbott had so much heartbreak in her past that she doesn't trust anyone. No matter what Jemma does all these bad things keep happening to her, first her father committed suicide, her mother was indifferent to her. Things didn't get better when she married a man who wanted to control her, she had a miscarriage, and ends up divorced Saving Jemma has something for everyone.

Things didn't get better when she married a man who wanted to control her, she had a miscarriage, and ends up divorced.

Pamela Loewy (Author of Saving Jemma)

He seemed so sweet. He would do anything to keep Jemma safe, but with her trust issues that was hard. Jemma struggles within herself to trust Wyatt. She knows someone is out to kill her but she doesn't know why. She needs Wyatt's help, but with past betrayals she isn't sure how she can trust him. Saving Jemma is a wonderful read. It has everything betrayal, danger, conspiracy, and most importantly love and loyalty from the hero that comes to Jemma's rescue.

I love books where in the myst of danger, you find true love. Oh and I have to add, I love the name Jemma Feb 28, SirenBookReviews rated it really liked it. Tell us about yourself here! My name is Pamela Loewy. My hero is a combination of Hi everyone: My hero is a combination of James Bond and Mr. Darcy-I admit I find him irresistible. I'd love your feedback, and I'm looking forward to discovering some wonderful new authors through this site.

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