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Over the last few years it became a Sunday ritual after eating my breakfast and having a cup of coffee. On my second trip to Thailand at the age of 26, it was love at first sight with the Issan bargirl standing outside a bar with a group of other girls.

This was early afternoon so they were in their street clothes, but as I looked out from the window of the Chicken Devine restaurant near the top of Patpong soi 2, I was compelled to go in that bar and try and talk to her. She spoke no English, I had that red, bound Thai phrase book.

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The mamasan said she had only been working in the bar a few days. I had very limited knowledge of the bar scene and had only been introduced to it on the last night of previous trip, mostly spent on Koh Samui, a year earlier. We would sit and watch Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy films which transcends any language barriers.

Oh, how we laughed.

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  • Sometimes she stayed the night with me in the cheap Khao San Road area guesthouse I was staying. I returned home and wrote regularly. I would get replies, in different hand writing. By this time I had heard about stories girls wanting money for sick relatives etc and other scams. I returned to see her a few months later. She stopped working at the bar and invited me to stay with her in her room she rented in Makasan.

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    She also introduced me to her two-year old son. I don't know what I'm doing here and I think I've made a big mistake.

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    The problem is I really quite like Jee. I find out things about myself as well as Jee. I start to embrace a Thai culture that I hadn't previously noticed as a tourist and have an understanding of 'sanuk' fun and 'mai pen rai' never mind. I know it's going to take me longer to come to terms with some other everyday things in Thai culture, like eating frogs, snails, insects and bugs.

    Squatter type toilets that I'm too scared to use because I don't know how. Driving on roads when everyone seems to know the rules except me. This is a love story, but as any farang in a relationship with a Thai lady will know, it's not just about two people, it's about a whole family and the community around them.

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    He has been writing for over twenty years. Guy Lilburne really captures a taste of Thailand and whisks you along at a breath taking pace in the land of smiles. The story of a dangerous serial killer targeting the sex workers, working the bar scene on the tropical holiday island of Phuket. Guy is currently working on three future books; The flower girl, is a crime thriller set in Thailand and My Thai story II, is the true story about the authors journey to find a new life in Thailand.

    A whispered promise, is the incredible and tragic story of a love triangle set in Southeast Asia.