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Published June 1st by Bitter Lemon Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Havana Gold , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Oct 04, Jeffrey Keeten rated it really liked it Shelves: He wants to be a writer. He wants to write like Hemingway in the same way I want to be a Kennedy.

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Unfortunately, rum and a good rub only tide him over until he catches the scent of a beautiful woman. Then he is back to feeling unfulfilled, unloved, unneeded, and still desperately trying to find a few precious hours to It has a bit of everything: It is alarming that a teacher has been murdered, but what is more shocking is that a stub of a joint is floating in the toilet.

My life was empty, forever on a down Until you took me, showed me around My life is free now, my life is clear I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear Come on now, try it out Living in a country that has been overrun by meth, crank, crack, and now due to all the rampant Oxycontin addictions Thank you Big Pharma , we are back to having heroin issues. Purple Haze Finding a joint at a scene here is like finding a rank baby diaper, unpleasant because it has to be dealt with, but otherwise not of much interest.

In Cuba, finding Marijuana at a crime scene is a big deal. Their reactions were similar to what you might see in an old s cop show, but then their thinking, like their cars, has been suspended in that era.

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He has met a woman, not just any woman, a saxophone player, a redhead with curves so wild that not even James Dean could have navigated them safely: He dreams of being with that one woman who will not only fulfill all of his sexual fantasies, but one who will also bring stability, grace, and purpose back to his life. He is such a lost and tortured literary soul that for those of us who struggle to be who we are supposed to be can certainly identify with his fear that he will never get the chance to take what he feels and release it into words.

I almost fell out of my chair when Bourdain had lunch with none other than Leonardo Padura. Padura was one of their featured writers. This is the second book in the series, but because they published them out of order, I actually ended up reading it fourth. I would suggest starting with the first one, Havana Blue. Padura, in the interview with Bourdain, said he would never leave Cuba. It is splashed all over his books. He loves his country. He wants it to evolve into a better balanced combination of the old and the new.

As American money flows into that country and real estate starts to skyrocket, it will be interesting if enough of the old can be saved to keep that city looking like the charming Havana that, due to political differences, has been kept cocooned in Cold War mothballs. If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: View all 6 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Vientos de cuaresma de Leonardo Padura tiene una estructura similar.

Sin embargo, esto no es lo que hace que el texto de Padura sea tan bueno. Pero no sucede esto con Vientos de cuaresma. Hay un caso principal: El crimen parece algo desprolijo y no premeditado. Sus reflexiones aportan mucho a la historia, y le dan un toque especial que otros policiales no tienen. Jul 26, Maddy rated it really liked it Shelves: Does it ever seem that there are times in life when the sun is shining and there are no clouds on the horizon? That's exactly how life feels to Mario Conde "the Count" —he's had a warm evening with his best friend, Skinny Carlos, and a superb meal.

Add to that he's met an amazing red-headed woman named Karina who plays the saxophone and fallen instantly in love, and certainly life is better than good.

Havana Gold: The Havana Quartet by Leonardo Padura

However, given the fact that Mario is police lieutenant, you can bet that any sunshine is very Does it ever seem that there are times in life when the sun is shining and there are no clouds on the horizon? However, given the fact that Mario is police lieutenant, you can bet that any sunshine is very temporary. It's back to darkness as he is assigned to investigate the murder of a year-old teacher named Lisette Delgado, who was beaten, raped and strangled. The book is almost like one long chronological essay.

There are no chapter divisions. Padura moves the narrative forward in pieces, with the murder investigation woven into the daily activities of the Count's life. It's not exactly stream of consciousness, but it does flow almost effortlessly forward.

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  • The crime is somewhat secondary; the presentation of life in Havana and Mario's quest for love are equally important. He's certainly an interesting character, a man who is unrestrained in his passions and very expressive of his emotions. It's telling that his real desire in life is to be a writer rather than a policeman. As the book states: His mixture of pigheadedness and pessimism, of non-conformity and pugnacious intellect were components of a mind that was too strange and effective to be a policeman's.

    Leonardo Padura Fuentes

    But yet, he is very effective in that role. Reviews often say that the setting is a character in a book, and that is truly the case here. Mario Conde IS Havana — they are both passionate and vibrant and proud, with a long history and some dark and depressed areas. Yet, they both exude optimism; despite the problems they face, there is a bright future ahead. Set in the s, there's no sense of what Havana will become in the decades that follow.

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    He is a prize winning novelist, essayist, journalist and scriptwriter. International fame came with the publication of the Havana Quartet, all featuring Lieutenant Mario Conde, of which Havana Black is the second to be available in English. The Quartet has been translated into seven languages and has won numerous prizes including Spain's Hammett Prize.


    Critically acclaimed translator known for extensive work on Juan Goytisolo. Leonardo Padura has just won the Princess of Asturias Literary prize for his life's work. In his native Spanish, as well as in English and some other languages, he is often referred to by the shorter form of his name, Leonardo Padura. He has written screenplays, two books of short stories and a series of detective novels translated into 10 languages. In , Padura was awarded the National Prize for Literature , Cuba's national literary award and the most important award of its kind.

    In , he was awarded with the Premio Principe de Asturias de las Letras of Spain, one of the most important literary prizes in the Spanish speaking world and usually considered as the Iberoamerican Nobel Prize. Padura, who was born in Havana , took a degree in Latin American literature at the University of Havana. He subsequently became known as an essayist and a writer of screenplays and in particular, detective novels. He wrote his first short novel between and Titled Fiebre de caballos Horse Fever , it was basically a love story.

    He then spent the next six years continuing to work as a journalist, reporting on a wide range of cultural and historical topics.

    The Havana Quartet, Four full-cast crime dramatisations by Leonardo Padura

    However around this time he began to write his first novel featuring police officer Mario Conde, and while he was writing it, Padura realised how fundamental his years as a journalist were to his development as a writer. Firstly it gave him a whole new experience of the country, and secondly, it consequently changed his style with respect to his first book. Padura still lives and writes in his native city of Havana.