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Words for which I have found such quotes are hyperlinked in the list below.

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Most of the words on this list enrich the English language, but some are just references to Nazi terminology. A fun article from describing 10 German words that are or should be on this list is here.

The German verb is actually "schleppen," and refers to the labor of carrying a heavy object, or carrying an object a long way. German Words that Express Concepts for which English Lacks Suitable Words There is now an excellent wikipedia article with a List of German expressions in English , so I will no longer be making additions to this page. Literary scholars argue about the definition of the term, and depending on their choice of definition, some argue that there is no such thing as a Bildungsroman.

The term was coined by an American journalist as a description of Nazi war strategy at the beginning of the Second World War. A Google search for the word brings up quite a few sites on the paranormal, as well as sites using the term more straightforwardly to refer to e. Click here for the Wikipedia entry on Gestalt Psychology, and here for the Wikipedia entry on Gestalt Therapy, which is only loosely related, and sees the person in relation to his or her experiences of the world and other people.

German Words that Express Concepts for which English Lacks Suitable Words

It is the title of a book by Nietzsche, and of the last opera in Wagner's Ring cycle, and thus has made its way into more common usage in English than the Scandinavian original. According to the American Heritage Dictionary , Fourth Edition, , the term denotes "A turbulent ending of a regime or an institution: The person being asked the question often responds evasively, or not at all, and the expression is often used in order to point out this evasiveness. Originates from a scene in Goethe's Faust, where Gretchen asks Faust who has made a pact with the devil how he feels about religion.

He responds evasively, and she lets him get away with it. Also "coffee klatsch" or "coffee klatch" in English. Perhaps imported into English for its onomatopoetic qualities? Art that is pretentious or overly sentimental is generally referred to as kitsch. Generally speaking, women are known to write long love letters while men are known for shorter love notes. The latter are more reliant on sweet phraseology than the former. German is a highly nuanced language. If the relationship is on the cusp of love but not yet quite in this territory — or if the writer is not yet ready to commit to this depth of affection and emotion — the look and feel of German love letters and phrases is slightly different.

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This is no longer the case. A Beziehung is in general could be every kind of relationship you have with someone. You can have family relationship with your parents or uncle which means that you have a relationship due to your "blood". Be aware of the words Freund and Freundin which mean friend male and female and boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time. You have to give the right context. To hopefully answer your question I would not say that a romantic relationship would be a Liebesbeziehung because that could be misunderstood as an affair. To describe it a bit better you could say frisch verliebt or junge Liebe which implies that you are in an early stage of your relationship and that the "fire is still on".

Instead of the nouns used to describe several levels of a relationship, I'd rather focus on "titles" as these are used more often and can cause confusion.

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Roughly ordered from least to most serious:. Bekannte r -- an acquaintance; can be used for everything from "we've met before" to "we talk in the gym every day but never met otherwise". I don't know a good alternative for specifically casual sex partners, esp.

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Due to the available alternatives, it's mostly used for teenage relationships and such between adults that are fresh or less comitted e. Disambiguating between "friend" and " boy girl friend" is not always trivial; if you want to know more about that, I recommend you ask a new question. Only used if the couple is not married. Neither is used often nowadays, I think. Most uses of "Partner in " I can think of are for homosexual or senior couples.

Note that I consciously skipped over a myriad of colloquial and often deragotory terms for sexual partners, and a bunch of pet titles for boy girl friends e. They mean exactly what you think. Additionally I think for romantic relationships we would also say Beziehung or Liebesbeziehung.

I can't recall any German words for the initial courting phase and also for the phase where they have dated consistently there's no special word. The information if a Freund is just a friend or a boyfriend comes from the context.

Sample Love Letters Phraseology

It seems to me you are looking for contemporary ways to talk about different stages in a romantic relationship in German. While we like to import things from the States, dating in the American way is not really popular. Then, Germans do not like the word Beziehung sounds quite unromantic , but still the word is very often used to describe that you are in a romantic relationship. Sometimes, to make clear one is talking about a romantic relationship, people say wir haben eine feste Beziehung we are in a lasting relationship.

It might imply adultery, but is also used when both partners see this as a passing phase.

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It normally implies that the relationship is more sexual than romantic. Typically, people will say something like wir sind zusammen we're together or wir gehen miteinander literally: