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If for Raich, a combination of these two conflicting Romantic schools was inconceivable, for young Lermontov, it was a natural outcome of his apprenticeship period since each school offered him the means to understand the essence of Romantic method as such. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Posted on 19 January In this retrospective comparative evaluation of technology, intraoperative images were captured at different steps in the same surgery, allowing the comparison of the guidance lines generated by the Verion system to the parallel guidance lines generated by the Callisto Eye system.

The numbers of degrees separating these alignment meridians were calculated, entered into a database, and analyzed. The target meridians were superimposed, the target lines were minimally separated, and the target lines were dissimilar. It was noted that some intraoperative variation occurred from measurement to measurement.

Within the small group of 16 cases of routine toric lens implantation in this study, the absolute average number of degrees of misalignment between the Verion and Callisto Eye systems was 3. On average, the intraoperative variation termed "drift" was noted to be 3. The authors found that small deviations were frequent when comparing two sophisticated technologies. It was rare to identify a large deviation. However, the authors identified "drift" in the same eye when measurements were taken at different times.

The results indicate that the two. How do scientists become famous? Carl Linnaeus was an expert at self-promotion who used portraits to gain patronage and consolidate his reputation. His sexualized classification system was hugely controversial, yet his successors celebrated him as a great hero of botany. Carl Stumpf's philosophy of mathematics. Like most of Franz Brentano's students, Carl Stumpf showed an interest in the philosophy of mathematics.

In particular, Stumpf wrote his habilitation thesis On the Foundations of Mathematics, used mathematical examples in central parts of his lectures, and later returned to the topic in the. De Jena a Nerval: Deregulated genes in sporadic vestibular schwannomas. Age dependent phosphorylation and deregulation of p53 in human vestibular schwannomas. Schwann and schwannoma cell isolation and. Vitalisme i Carl Nielsens musik. Her inddrages Helios-ouverturen og Nielsens tredje, fjerde og femte Although Lorenz Oken is a classic example of Naturphilosophie as applied to biology, his views have been imperfectly understood.

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He is best viewed as a follower of Schelling who consistently attempted to apply Schelling's ideas to biological data. His version of Naturphilosophic, however, was strongly influenced by older pseudoscience traditions, especially alchemy and numerology as they had been presented by Robert Fludd, whose works were current in Jena and available to him. According to those influences, parts of Oken's philosophical conception were communicable even in a non-idealistic scientific culture, for example in Paris, where Oken met Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire.

Geoffroy however was embedded in a French intellectual tradition, and the correspondence between his views and those of Oken was only superficial. The English anatomist Richard Owen attempted to incorporate the views of Oken and Geoffroy within his own, idiosyncratic system.

Although Darwin knew of Oken's ideas, it was Geoffroy who really affected his evolutionary biology, and any influence of Oken must have been attenuated to the point of triviality. Full Text Available Objetivo: Transapical Jena Valve in a patient with mechanical mitral valve prosthesis. We believe that the design features of this valve may be particularly suited for use in this setting. Carles Salvador, l'autoritat gramatical. Full Text Available Carles Salvador had strong nationalistic convictions and was very active in promoting the Catalan language in several areas, specifically in developing treatises on spelling, grammar and lexicography.

His work would help consolidate the standardization of Catalan in the Valencian Country and would make him an unquestionable authority on Catalan grammar. William Coulson's Last Crusade. Reviews William Coulson's assertions that Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and he initiated the humanistic education field, that Rogers repudiated his philosophy late in life, and that they owe the nation's parents an apology.

Argues that these charges are groundless and provides examples and quotations from Rogers' later writings to show how Rogers…. Notes that recent composition textbooks have classified Carl Rogers' work as a new rhetoric or as an alternative to classical argument. Demonstrates that to portray Rogers' method as a form of argument is to misunderstand his intent and that, while Rogers and Aristotle are similar superficially, their differences are profound.

Carl Rogers' Alternative to Traditional Rhetoric. Carl Rogers' approach to communication has implications for the rhetorician and the teacher of college composition. The qualities of respect, restraint, neutrality, and understanding, when applied to written and oral discourse, can provide an effective alternative to polemical argumentation.

The detatchment and empathy of the Rogerian style is…. Reflections on His Life. Interviewed Carl Rogers, a prominent psychologist, about aspects of his personal life, professional contributions, significant others, and psychology in general. Includes excerpts from several letters from individuals who have known Rogers and who were asked to comment on their experiences with him.

Carl Rogers and Me: Discusses connections between Carl Rogers and literacy by introducing Rogers' major contributions and by discussing the implementation of his ideas in an English as a Foreign Language EFL classroom in Taiwan. Explains Rogers' ideas about teachers as facilitators; learner-centered learning; and building freedom. This study aimed to demonstrate how the level of accuracy in intraocular lens IOL power calculation can be improved with optical biometry using partial optical coherence interferometry PCI Zeiss IOLMaster and current anterior chamber depth ACD prediction algorithms.

Intraocular lens power in consecutive cataract operations was calculated using both PCI and ultrasound and the accuracy of the results of each technique were compared. To illustrate the importance of ACD prediction per se, predictions were calculated using both a recently published 5-variable method and the Haigis 2-variable method and the results compared.

All calculations were optimized in retrospect to account for systematic errors, including IOL constants and other off-set errors. The average absolute IOL prediction error observed minus expected refraction was 0. A teoria da democracia de Carl Schmitt. The argumentation is divided into two parts. BCG strain S4- Jena: An early BCG strain is capable to reduce the proliferation of bladder cancer cells by induction of apoptosis. Additionally, hallmarks of apoptosis were detectable.

Concordantly with these results, infection with TICE had no effect on the morphology and hallmarks of apoptosis of Cal29 cells. Conclusions S4- Jena strain has a direct influence on bladder cancer cell lines as shown by inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis. La idea de reconocimiento en el Hegel de Jena. Una lectura con Paul Ricoeur. Full Text Available The article is developed in the following sections: System of Ethical Life and Real Philosophy. In paragraphs 1 and 2 we will review how Hegel points out different areas of recognition articulated to ethical life development, first in its natural form and then in its absolute form, and marked by a negativity all their own.

Also we will check how the transit from active voice to passive voice appears and consolidates as a crucial moment of recognition. His Views on Facilitating Groups. Presents Carl Rogers' views on facilitating groups, as expressed in a telephone dialogue seminar with graduate students in counselor education at North Texas State University.

Discusses extended group marathons, cocounseling, nonverbal group exercises and the future of group work. Carl Borchardt en die Suid-Afrikaanse kerkgeskiedenis. Full Text Available Carl Borchardt and South African church history Carl Borchardt was in the first instance a general church historian who specialised in the field of the Early Church. However, born as a South African, he did not only do some research in the field of South African church history but he even partook in some crucial events in modem South African church history.

This article attempts to describe and explain his interest and involvement in South African church history. He was the first to develop precise photographic methods to calculate heights and morphologies of diverse auroral forms during four solar cycles. His theoretical analyses explained cosmic ray access to the upper atmosphere, 20 years before they were identified by other scientists. The authors present the life of this prodigious scientist in relation to the cultural life of early 20th century in Norway and to the development of the space sciences in the post-Sputnik era.

The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare refractive predictability, uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuity UDVA Carl Sagan and the Exploration of Mars and Venus. Inspired by childhood readings of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Carl Sagan's first interest in planetary science focused on Mars and Venus. Typical of much of his career he was skeptical of early views about these planets.

Early in this century it was thought that the Martian wave of darkening, a seasonal albedo change on the planet, was biological in origin. He suggested instead that it was due to massive dust storms, as was later shown to be the case.

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He was the first to recognize that Mars has huge topography gradients across its surface. During the spacecraft era, as ancient river valleys were found on the planet, he directed studies of Mars' ancient climate. He suggested that changes in the planets orbit were involved in climate shifts on Mars, just as they are on Earth. Carl had an early interest in Venus. Contradictory observations led to a controversy about the surface temperature, and Carl was one of the first to recognize that Venus has a massive greenhouse effect at work warming its surface.

His work on radiative transfer led to an algorithm that was extensively used by modelers of the Earth's climate and whose derivatives still dominate the calculation of radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres today. Carl inspired a vast number of young scientists through his enthusiasm for new ideas and discoveries, his skeptical approach, and his boundless energy.

I had the privilege to work in Carl 's laboratory during the peak of the era of Mars' initial exploration. It was an exciting time, and place. Carl made it a wonderful experience. The Uniqueness of Similarities: Parallels of Milton H. Erickson and Carl Rogers. Describes the influence of the philosophy and values of Carl Rogers and Milton Erickson on the counseling profession. Reviews the person-centered approach, direction, therapeutic climate, and the influence of early experiences.

Includes a reaction by Carl Rogers. Carl ja Olga Millese maja ja ateljee ehitati Full Text Available This article deals with the educational background of Carles Salvador, first with his studies at the Escola Normal, followed by lectures and experiences which would guide his professional development, to the degraded situation as a high school teacher of the Spanish State.

With the wide range of students community colleges must provide services for, there is an increasing need for colleges to analyze and segment their marketing efforts. As part of an effort to focus on specific market segments and take into account internal and external environments, an analysis was conducted at Illinois' Carl Sandburg College CSC …. Considers the dichotomy between the cosmic perspective and the creationist view. Presents an overview of various current explanations of the origin and nature of the universe, including scientific explanations, fundamentalist beliefs, and creation myths from other cultures.

The article is based on comments made by Carl Sagan at the American…. Discusses the political battles over federal support of education in the Congress since Reagan's election to the Presidency, including the reaction to the impact of the report of the National Commission on Excellence in Education.

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Friend, Gentleman, and Scholar. Writes in memory of Carl R. Conveys a sense of the spirit of Rogers' thinking and the kind of person he was, both in his own eyes and in the experience of those who knew him personally. Concludes with a discussion of how Rogers'"way of being" has influenced the writer's own personal and professional development.

Carl Rogers during Initial Interviews: A Moderate and Consistent Therapist. Analyzed two initial interviews by Carl Rogers in their entirety using the Carkhuff scales, Hill's category system, and a brief grammatical analysis to establish the level and consistency with which Rogers provides facilitative conditions. Results indicated his behavior as counselor was stable and consistent within and across interviews. Professor og centerleder, Marlene Wind, er i dag den 5.

Professor Wind er interviewet i forbindelse med debat-arrangementet med overskriften "Catalonia and Europe at a Crossroads for Democracy? Debate with Carles Puigdemont" afholdt den A study of feral pigeon Columba livia var. Full Text Available A population of feral pigeons, Columba livia var. Daily censuses were conducted by walking ten transects in a selected area of the city, five transects in built up areas and five in the suburbs.

Pigeon population density was higher in urban areas than in suburbs but differences were not significant. Main behavioural activities recorded were resting, preening, flying, eating, sunning and roosting. Regular locations of activities were rooftops and roof edges in urban areas, and rooftops, eaves on balconies in suburban areas. The plumage phenotype most frequently recorded in both areas was Blue bar. Goethe's anatomical research at the University of Jena ].

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was one of the most renowned German poets of the late Age of Enlightenment. However, his engagement went far beyond literature especially relating to politics and natural science. Goethe, primarily trained as a lawyer, developed his own theory of colors and even challenged the concepts of Isaac Newton. His discovery of the human intermaxilary bone questioned all the dogmas of the religious-minded world of the 18th century. Together with the anatomy professor Justus Christian Loder, Goethe performed comparative anatomy and proved the conceptual uniformity of humans and animals on 27 March Soemmerring mainly rejected Goethe's postulates which led to a delayed publication in ; almost 36 years after writing his original manuscript.

Today, Goethe's discovery is known to be a fundamental basis for the development of Charles Darwin's theory of phylogenetic evolution. Nowadays, the Department of Anatomy contains the Museum Anatomicum Jenense which was founded by the Duke of Weimar, Carl August and Goethe and entails Goethe's premaxillary bones as its main attraction. The University values the cultural heritage of Goethe's contribution to Medicine and provides access to the collection to the public and generations of medical students.

Still today Goethe's legacy is noticeable in the halls of the Alma Mater Jenensis. Manlighet, mod och moral: Amanda Kerfstedts Carl Bergs skoltid. This article pertains that the text contrasts an ideal of masculinity based on physical strength with an ideal emphasizing morality. Although a true man, as described in the story, is expected to be strong as well as righteous, the moral component is the most important. The text shows that courage and force, which are not checked by a sense of ethics, may turn into brutality and abuse of power.

The association with women is utilized to stress a lack of courage in men as well as to redefine a masculine ideal that has focused too much on physical prowess instead of strength of character. A baseline habitat evaluation procedures HEP analysis was conducted on the Carl property acres in June to determine the number of habitat units to credit Bonneville Power Administration BPA for providing funds to acquire the property as partial mitigation for habitat losses associated with construction of McNary Dam.

HEP surveys also helped assess the general ecological condition of the property. The Carl property appeared damaged from livestock grazing and exhibited a high percentage of invasive forbs. Exotic grasses, while present, did not comprise a large percentage of the available cover in most areas. Baseline HEP surveys generated Habitat units were associated with the following HEP models: Popper, para, en una segunda parte, plantear Why did Carl Nielsen achieve such a favourable reception in England from the s on, compared to the rather reluctant recognition in continental Europe?

We would suggest that one reason could be an affi nity of features in his music with the concept of English national music. Motivational interviewing and the clinical science of Carl Rogers. The clinical method of motivational interviewing MI evolved from the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers, maintaining his pioneering commitment to the scientific study of therapeutic processes and outcomes.

The development of MI pertains to all 3 of the th anniversary themes explored in this special issue. Applications of MI have spread far beyond clinical psychology into fields including health care, rehabilitation, public health, social work, dentistry, corrections, coaching, and education, directly impacting the lives of many people. The public relevance and impact of clinical psychology are illustrated in the similarity of MI processes and outcomes across such diverse fields and the inseparability of human services from the person who provides them, in that both relational and technical elements of MI predict client outcomes.

Within the history of clinical psychology MI is a clear product of clinical science, arising from the seminal work of Carl Rogers whose own research grounded clinical practice in empirical science. As with Rogers' work 70 years ago, MI began as an inductive empirical approach, observing clinical practice to develop and test hypotheses about what actually promotes change. Research on MI bridges the current divide between evidence-based practice and the well-established importance of therapeutic relationship. Research on training and learning of MI further questions the current model of continuing professional education through self-study and workshops as a way of improving practice behavior and client outcomes.

This paper provides some background on the four following papers, drawing on the research conducted within the CARL research project. CARL is a cross-national 'social sciences research project into the effects of stakeholder involvement on decision-making in radioactive waste management'. The paper introduces the project, its aims, activities and describes the common framework used to look at each individual country. This article introduces a model for group facilitation in the humanities based on Carl Rogers' model for group psychotherapy.

Certain aspects of Carl Rogers' reflective learning strategies are reappraised and principles, specific only to psychotherapy, are introduced. Five of Rogers' axioms are applied to the tutorial discussion model: Antimoderner Akteur der Moderne: Granville Stanley Hall with William James is the key founder of psychology of religion movement and the first American experimental or genetic psychologist, and Carl Gustav Jung is the founder of the analytical psychology concerned sympathetically about the religious dimension rooted in the human subject.

Their fundamental works are mutually connected. Among other things, both Hall and Jung were deeply interested in how the study of religious experience is indispensable for the depth understanding of human subject. Nevertheless, except for the slight indication, this common interest between them has not yet been examined in academic research paper. So this paper aims to articulate preliminary evidence of affinities focusing on the locus and its function of the inner deep psychic dimension as the religious in the work of Hall and Jung.

Carl Rogers and the larger context of therapeutic thought. Carl Rogers' classic account see record of the necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic personality change is examined in light of developments in theory and practice since the time he wrote. Rogers' ideas, which diverged from and were very largely a challenge to, the dominant psychoanalytic ideology of the era in which he wrote, are considered in relation to new theoretical developments in what has come to be called relational psychoanalysis.

They are also considered in light of the greatly increased influence of and substantial evidence supporting behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Points of convergence and divergence among these approaches are examined. This paper develops various figures noted by Carl Schmitt as forms of anti-political subjectivity. Whereas, from the German jurist's perspective, the operations which constitute a political way of being are those which produce and care for a representative form, the specificity of a anti-political subjectivity is shaped by those operations which erode or wear that political form down.

The paper aims to show that the main feature of the antipolitical way of being is the delay, meaning the indefinite postponement of the decision as such. Thus, under the various figures of the anti-politics that Schmitt deals with, this operation appears on different manners: L'acte creatiu com a recurs expressiu. The drawing became the revealer artistic process of the modernist period. The present article shows the apparently invisible interaction between the artist Carles Casagemas and the writer Joan Maragall through the drawings and writings of the first one and the writings of the second one.

A work with more connections than we could ever thought possible. One of the most evident connection is the presence of the woman like the main element used as inspiration.

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And at the same time the part that could make difference into their artistic conceptions. Spatial localization of knowledge-transfer channels and face-to-face contacts: A survey of the Jena university-industry linkages. In this paper we examine the knowledge-Transfer Channels of the universities and public research institutes in Jena.

The empirical study is based on a survey of personal interviews with researchers of both types of organisations. Our study focuses on three questions: With regard to the first question the analysis reveals some shortcomings of th An existential criterion of normal and abnormal personality in the works of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers.

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Full Text Available This article is the third in a series of four articles scheduled for publication in this journal. In the first article Kapustin, a I proposed a description of a new so-called existential criterion of normal and abnormal personality that is implicitly present in the works of Erich Fromm. According to this criterion, normal and abnormal personalities are determined, first, by special features of the content of their position regarding existential dichotomies that are natural to human beings and, second, by particular aspects of the formation of this position.

Such dichotomies, entitatively existent in all human life, are inherent, two-alternative contradictions. The position of a normal personality in its content orients a person toward a contradictious predetermination of life in the form of existential dichotomies and necessitates a search for compromise in resolving these dichotomies.

This position is imposed by other people on an irrational basis. Abnormality of personality interpreted like that is one of the most important factors influencing the development of various kinds of psychological problems and mental disorders — primarily, neurosis. In the second article Kapustin, b I showed that this criterion is also implicitly present in the personality theories of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler, although in more specific cases.

In the current work I prove that this criterion is also present in the personality theories of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers, where it is implicitly stated in a more specific way. In the final article I will show that this criterion. The probing routine would be used for in-process verification of part geometry. In a clinical setting, the usefulness of optical coherence tomography OCT is strongly dependent on reproducibility of the measurement.

Macula and optic disc parameters from the right eyes of 31 subjects were obtained twice with both instruments. Interoperator reproducibility was evaluated by use of the coefficient of repeatability CR , and the obtained measurements were compared between the instruments. No difference in interoperator reproducibility could be found when comparing the 2 instruments and reproducibility ranged from 3.

For all macula and retinal nerve fiber layer RNFL thickness measurements, there was a statistical difference when comparing the 2 instruments, except for RFNL measurements of the superior quadrant, with the Canon OCT-HS always evaluating the thickness to be thicker; however, the 2 instruments correlated well. It remains to be evaluated how sensitive the Canon OCT-HS is to detect small subtle changes in optic disc parameters and macular nerve fiber layer thickness. Furthermore, due to the differences in thickness estimation, it is important to emphasize that SD-OCTs are not interchangeable.

Carl Adolph von Basedow was the son of an aristocratic family and was born in Dessau. He was the grandson of the famous pedagogue Johann Bernhard Basedow. In , he settled in Merseburg as a physician. He was soon acclaimed as a genial and skilled helper in all branches of medical practice. He performed his own post-mortem examinations and published findings on a number of different diseases. His famous contribution in the thyroid field appeared in entitled "Exophthalmos due to hypertrophy of the cellular tissue in the orbit". Exophthalmos, goiter and palpitation of the heart have become known as the Merseburg Triad.

In , he published the autopsy findings on a patient who died from "exophthalmic cachexia". In Germany and some other countries, the disease was named as Morbus Basedow since In he pricked in his finger in the postmortem room when examining a patient who had died of typhus and he succumbed to septicemia at the early age of fifty-five.

The date of his death was April 11, On April 14, he was laid in the Sixtus Cemetery in Merseburg. Basedow postulated that a wrong mixing of the blood manifested in cell tissue congestion and glandular vegetation cause the manifestations of disease. If we abstract our modern knowledge and accept circulating antibodies and disturbance of the immune balance as a dyscrasia as well as the proliferation of lymphocytic clones and local cellulary infiltration in terms of immune thyroiditis and autoimmune orbitopathy as cell tissue congestion and glandular vegetations, then doubt arise whether we have indeed made much progress in the last years.

At least, respect for the genius of the general physician Carl Adolph von Basedow is becoming greater. We may all hope that in the contributions and the discussions, we shall learn where we stand at the end of. Kunstnik ja tema kodu: Ateljeedest Euroopas alates Pikemalt Julius Kleveri ja Otto Moelleri ateljeest. Maalikunstnik Carl Timoleon von Neffi elust ja loomingust, kunsti kollektsioneerimisest. The text makes an introduction to the Analytical Psychology of the psychologist and swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung: The text brings the content of a lesson on Theories of Personality focused in the fundamentals of the Analytical Psychology of the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung , whose work has been presenting significant contributions for Educational, Organizational and Clinical Psychology.

The article's aim is to examine some aspects of the relation between politics and secularization in the thought of Carl Schmitt, departing of his analysis of the romantic subjectivity in his book Political Romanticism. La respuesta a las dos preguntas es negativa. This project was born in focused to build a small solar-stellar observatory completely operated by remote control.

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The observatory will be at "Cerro Azul", a m peak in one of the best regions in the world for astronomical observation, at the Sonora-Arizona desert. The OCS, with three 16 cm solar telescopes and a 55 cm stellar telescope is one of the cheapest observatories, valuated in US, Added to its scientific goals to study solar coronal holes and Supernovae Type 1A, the OCS has a strong educative and cultural program in Astronomy to all levels. At the end of , we started the Program "Constelacion", to build small planetariums through all the countries with a cost of only US80, Also, the webcast system for transmission of the solar observations from the prototype OCS at the campus, was expanded to webcast educational programs in Astronomy since July of this year, including courses and diplomats for Latin American people.

All of these advances are exposed here. Carl Sagan and Joseph Shklovsky: Intelligent Life in the Universe. Shklovsky and Carl Sagan played an outstanding role in modern astronomy. Their names are well known not only to professional astronomers, but also to millions of educated people in many countries, which are interested in modern state of science research. Among these trends of modern science, which are difficult to define, are such problems, as the creation of Solar system, the origin of life on Earth, the evolution of living organisms on Earth from the simplest viruses to Homo Sapiens, the evolution of intelligence and technology.

And both scientists were high professionals in their fields. Joseph Shklovsky was a theoretical astronomer in all fields of modern astronomy geophysics and physics of the upper atmosphere of the Earth, Sun and Solar Corona, Interplanetary Medium and Solar Wind, Interstellar Medium, Supernova and their remnants, the Galaxy and galaxies, Quasars and Cosmology. There is hardly a field in modern astrophysics except perhaps the theory of the interior structure of stars , where Joseph Shklovsky has not l a bright stamp of his talent….

The Carl Sagan solar and stellar observatories as remote observatories. In this work we summarize recent efforts made by the University of Sonora, with the goal of expanding the capability for remote operation of the Carl Sagan Solar and Stellar Observatories, as well as the first steps that have been taken in order to achieve autonomous robotic operation in the near future.

The solar observatory was established in on the university campus by our late colleague A. It consists of four solar telescopes mounted on a single equatorial mount. On the other hand, the stellar observatory, which saw the first light on 16 February , is located 21 km away from Hermosillo, Sonora at the site of the School of Agriculture of the University of Sonora. Both observatories can now be remotely controlled, and to some extent are able to operate autonomously. In this paper we discuss how this has been accomplished in terms of the use of software as well as the instruments under control.

Parsons, Joanne Ella and Heholt, Ruth eds. Norman, Ian and Ryrie, Iain eds. McGraw Hill Education, pp. Leadership and the future development of AYA services. Olsen, Pia and Smith, Sam eds. Empirical research on adoption. International and national perspectives on child and family law: Feasting and Polis Institutions , Brill, pp. Exchange Relations between China and the World , Brill, pp. Religion in the Hellenistic and early post-Hellenistic era. Baker-Brian, Nicholas and Lossl, Josef eds. Extended Epistemology , Oxford: Kutting, Gabriela and Herman, Kyle eds.

Radical democracy and spatial practices. Provocations in debates about sexual violence against men. Individual and collective in the funding of sacrifices in classical Athens: Feasting and Polis Institutions , Leiden and Boston: Multimodal transport of mining equipment from Germany to Kazakhstan. An exploration of horizontal supply chain integration for humanitarian and disaster relief. Tatham, Peter and Christopher, Martin eds. Meeting the challenge of preparing for and responding to disasters , Kogan Page, pp.

Leahy, Thomas and Dochartaigh, Niall O Citizenshp on the ethnic frontier: Ellis, Steven G ed. University of Iowa Press, pp. Wave and tidal energy. Greaves, Deborah and Iglesias, Gregorio eds. Wave and tidal energy , [Tidal Energy Technology]. John Wiley and sons ltd, pp. Musical performances and propaganda strategies in Jacobin Milan Libro de Actas , Madrid: O'Neill, Kirstie and Gibbs, D. Green building and sustainability: The Palgrave Handbook Of Sustainability: Film, fears, fantasies and nightmares of the Wende.

Byrnes, Deirdre , Conacher, Jean E. Reddaway, Jack , Doherty, Joanne L. Genomic and imaging biomarkers in schizophrenia. Di Cosmo, Nicola and Maas, Michael eds. Empires and Exchanges in Eurasian Late Antiquity: Rome, China, Iran, and the Steppe, ca. Smith, Andrew , Jones, G. Training to prevent and manage fatigue in the rail industry. Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors , Loughborough: Kyriakidou, Maria and Garcia-Blanco, Inaki Safeguarding the status quo: The Media and Austerity: Comparative Perspectives , London and New York: Moore, Kerry and Greenland, Katy Racism as a crime in Britain's right-wing press.

Media, Crime and Racism , Palgrave Macmillan, pp. Bear, Christopher and Holloway, Lewis Redistributing labour in automated milking systems and the More-Than-Human Co production of dairy farming. Sonnino, Roberta and Mendes, Wendy Urban food governance in the global north. Conflicting demands, urban dilemmas and narrow thinking about water: Political necessity and the possibilities of change. McElroy, Ruth and Noonan, Caitriona Public service media and digital innovation. The small nation experience. Value creation through green vehicle routing. Thomas, Gareth and Sakellariou, Dikaios Disability, normalcy and the everyday.

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Rheumatology, 2-Volume Set - 7e , Vol. From digital activism to algorithmic resistance. In dock, out nettle: Enclosure and Transformation, , Routledge, p. Family Law , Oxford University Press, pp. Bartlett, Thomas Alexander Marks Rethinking context of culture in systemic functional linguistics. Sellami-Baklouti, Akila and Fontaine, Lise eds. Learning cultures, reflexivity and creative subversion.

Setting the "records" straight: Textual sources on Nland and their historical value. Barker, Susan and Williams, Sophie Compassionate communication in mental health care. Wright, Karen and McKeown, Mick eds. Essentials of Mental Health Nursing , Vol. Marques, Pedro and Morgan, Kevin The heroic assumptions of smart specialisation: The slow normalisation of normative political theory. Brown, Chris and Eckersley, Robyn eds. Frost, Paul and Wise, Matthew P. Early management of acute medical emergencies. Endocrine and Metabolic Emergencies: History of international thought: Brown, Chris and Eckersley, Robin eds.

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