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Modenese, , p. Castelli, Roma, Lux, , p.

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Sophocle, Montaigne, Maupassant et Renoir, Aragon Gustave Flaubert - Les Goncourt - M. Alphonse Daudet - M. Pasco, Nineteenth Century French Studies , vol. Crowell, , p. Maupassant, Charcot et le Paranormal. Chroniques dramatiques , Paris, Hetzel, t. II, , p. Johnson, Nineteenth Century French Studies , vol.

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Essais de critique , Paris, Champion, t. Jean Pavans, Paris, Le Seuil, coll. Paliyenko, Nineteenth Century French Studies , vol. Pierre et Jean Artists will only be notified about positive votes. Scores below 4 stars will remain completely anonymous. Florent Gauthier Composer 2 followers visits 30 likes Last connection: Profile Photos Videos Audios News. Florent Gauthier Monsieur Lune La chanson du loubard Arr.

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L'enfance d'un jour 1. L'enfance d'un jour 2. Les bateaux de papier - Vocal Projected will be a nice sharp English sub-titled print. Preceded by a surprise animated short from Italy. Two of the biggest and most respected names of French cinema play the leads in this tense dramatic thriller shot entirely in the sweaty heat of Mexico.

Nelly, Michele Morgan arrives in a remote Mexican town with her sick husband who dies a short while later. Now left alone, she has also lost her money and travel tickets. She is drawn to a scruffy drunk named Georges Gerard Philipe who, she discovers, is an expatriate doctor who never recovered from the tragic death of his wife. Can they save the town from being consumed by a deadly epidemic? Can they save themselves from each other? The on-screen chemistry between the two leads is mesmerizing as they play out a gritty romance unlike anything seen in European films at the time. A constant foreboding atmosphere, fluid camera work and a realistic setting draws the viewer into the heart of the danger.

All part of a not-to-be-missed film.

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French with English subtitles. He has been actively engaged in teaching and lecturing in many Developing Groups of the IAAP around the world for many years. He completed his training as a Jungian analyst at the C. A woman is tormented by morbid premonitions heralding the deaths of people she knows. As she tries to understand the terrifying phenomenon, she remembers her childhood when her mother jumped to her death off a cliff. Although not the goriest by the Italian Master of Horror, this effective little thriller is arguably one of his smartest and most engrossing works.

And fun you will have! Screening sponsored by Maurice Roy. He began to watch monster movies at the age of 9, staying up to watch Hammer films on late-night television. He completed his Ph. Ils retrouvent la trace de la fille de la famille. A-t-elle encore une place dans leur monde?

A gruff veteran of the old west and his dis-owned nephew head out on a difficult years-long search for close family members who have been abducted by Comanche warriors. They finally pick up the trail of the youngest girl but what will they do when they find her? After living with natives all this time, will she still have a place in their world?

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The Searchers marks the ninth collaboration between the two famous Johns. Here we see Wayne at the summit of his glory, stoic and proud, but also tired. This film displays a technical perfection without allowing the arid and clear beauty of the images to impede the story. The undeniable result is a true archetype of the western, but also a questioning of the moral biases of the genre.

La Femme de Ses Reves - Et Autres Fantaisies Erotiques (English, French, Paperback)

If ever there was a breath-taking film that just had to be viewed on a large movie theatre screen, this is it. See a restored version here on 35mm film! Here is an exciting and imaginative horror tale about a successful college professor who discovers that his wife has been practicing witchcraft to advance his career.