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They also secured a two-year writing contract at Princess Productions, writing on shows including Office Monkey and the award-winning Sunday Night Project as well as developing new television formats including their own entertainment property The Big Boys Brigade. From online films for Napster, to a week-long mile-high sky typing campaign for Party Gaming in Las Vegas. Steve specialises in performance based work, his passion has always been storytelling whether that be in 30 seconds or 90 minutes. Sam Phillips Woodwork Music.

Sam has followed a pattern of indulging his passion for music — studying Music and Philosophy at Birmingham University, followed by a PhD in Composition. Eve Anthony is a creative from London currently living in Amsterdam and working between the worlds of branded content, film and documentary as a creative producer. In her spare time, she works on her passion art and film projects as well as being mum to her mini labradoodle Mowgli.

How to excavate a paradigm shift

Rafael is a Brazilian-born, international creative with over 17 years of experience across multiple disciplines. Johnnie started out as a tennis coach in Durham before getting his first job in the industry as a film dubbing mixer. From the moment she stepped from photography into direction, Mel has created innovative, visually rich, genre-defying commercials. As Executive Creative Director, Waitzinger oversees the entire creative department and leads strategy and creative execution for all customer experiences and digital campaigns with a focus on Omni-Channel Experience Design, Immersive Digital Environments, as well as Mobile, Retail and Emerging Experiences.

He applies user-centered research and design thinking best practices to the Publicis. Sapient business and focusses on defining strategies and approaches for the evolution of customer experiences digital and otherwise , and impact that emerging technology will have across types of customer interactions, products, and services — with the goal to deliver groundbreaking work at the intersection of Technology and Story.

A graphic designer by trade, he is an advocate for excellent design and champion for the user. Prior to joining Publicis. Interfaces of the Future https: How agencies have to change due to digital transformation. Cristal Awards — Creative Jury President — Annual Creative Review — Winner Digital: Apps — Lufthansa Apple Watch — Mobius Awards — Silver Digital: Mobile Apps — Lufthansa Apple Watch — Hugh started his career at BBH. Never one to back down from a challenge, Jodie spent her childhood competing as a gymnast, ending in a place on the GB team.

From that moment on, it was clear that only one career could satisfy her need for near-constant adversity: Most days she loves advertising.

How to prepare Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam - By Anu Kumari - AIR 2 - CSE 2017

On the other days, she dreams about going on holiday. Michael Feder is the Managing Director of Hornet — a diversified mixed media production studio based in New York City and Brooklyn that celebrates artistic vision through detailed storytelling and compelling filmmaking. Combining hard work and an interest in filmmaking developed during college led to a once in a lifetime opportunity working on live-action films for Martin Scorsese. This switch into animation and mixed media was the lynch pin that inspired him to found Hornet and develop the talented team housed under its roof today.

From then on he has run the business as CEO.

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Before that, and sometimes even after that, he worked as film director. She has won awards at the major industry festivals around the world including: In her current role as Global Executive Creative Director and member of the international Creative Board she works with the different Serviceplan offices around the world, sharing her passion for creative exchange and inspiration beyond borders. Eoin McLaughlin is someone who feels uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person. After graduating from the famous French school of Gobelins, Antoine worked at Publicis Paris as a developer before taking the plunge, and launching makemepulse with business partner Nicolas Rejably in Dan has spent 20 years working at the intersection of digital and brand.

Dan is still excited by change. He loves making technology more human.

And making humans feel something. In , he set up Mad Ruffian — a mixed-media production, post-production and direction coterie that creates content for the advertising and music industries. He loves pizza so much that he got a tattoo of a slice last year. Tom Rainsford is one of the founders of giffgaff which launched in His common sense and courage allow creativity within the brand to be fluid. The film, which explored the fragility of the internet, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was eventually sold to Magnolia Pictures.

She is in the process of developing a premium line of dog carrying bags called Jaxx Hound. With over 15 years of experience working in the advertising industry she has garnered a high level of respect and admiration from her peers. Siobhan then moved on to Moxie Pictures in where she was quickly promoted to Deputy Managing Director after one year. She signed some of the most sought-after talent — for global representation, re-established the brand, elevated the PR in the UK and drove the company forward, cementing its place in the industry.

Siobhan looks forward to the incredible opportunities that face her at Merman — as she helps to establish them as one of the most creative and prolific forces in the business.

From the simplest piece of code to the most advanced financial risk analysis system… She loves every aspect of it. After completing her honours degree in Stage Design and Directing, Sarah found herself falling down the rabbit hole of advertising at a furious pace. It started with prop master roles on commercial shoots and eventually led her to a seat in a pure digital agency. This coincided with her introduction into tech journalism where she was a tech and gaming writer on the side for numerous publications — paid only in free games and devices.

Sarah began collecting qualifications, online courses and webinars and soon became the go to girl for any platform related question. Almost a decade later and Sarah is still knee-deep in the world of advertising in a digital age. She heads up the digital innovation department at Net work and is responsible for ensuring that our work is always integrated at heart and innovative in execution.

In her previous life, she also achieved a spot of success as a Rower, Sprinter and Swimmer. Nowadays the closest she gets to a boat is cheering for Cambridge while they lose in the annual boat race. Ronny Northrop is Executive Creative Director of independent creative agency, Cutwater, and is responsible for driving growth for the agency and its clients, as well as developing the creative team.

Along with leading the pitch that won the Sprint account, which he then co-ran as Group Creative Director for nearly two years, he also led the innovation team that created Hacking Autism, a platform to crowd source the first software for people with autism. Northrop spent two years teaching at Miami Ad School and has mentored many young creative people throughout his career. He is responsible for helping to make the New York agency the global creative powerhouse within the network and to inspire the creative leadership of the offices in Canada, the U.

Scissons is credited with the branding and launch of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, an advocacy group founded by Shannon Watts in December following the Newtown shooting. His work in raising awareness for more sensible U. Fuselier has used his versatile experience to give VR- and industry-related talks at various agencies and conferences around the world. As ECD Neil further maximizes creative opportunities and collaborations with both existing and new clients across the group, guaranteeing that our creative output is of the very highest Mill quality.

He has also been instrumental in driving the long-term innovation of the 2D team as well as creatively leading award winning projects. There she helped to grow the company from a boutique into an integrated marketing company, all while producing memorable and innovative work for clients such as Ikea, Revlon and Tylenol. Gloria is an year industry vet who founded Heard City in with two other partners and has since turned it into one of the top performing audio post companies in the industry with offices in Manhattan and Dumbo. Diarmid started his career in photography and digital re-touching, until a friend in the industry suggested he would be a perfect fit for VFX.

His strong eye for colour and composition — and outstanding natural talent — has seen him rise to the top in a very short time. In Angela played a pivotal role in setting up Homespun, an editing collective developed to shine a light on the creative projects — music videos and short films. Out of this Homespun Yarns was born, now in its fourth year the film competition has kick-started careers and provided creative work for young talent from all filmmaking disciplines.

Starting her career as a runner at post house VTR, Angela was head runner within a year so no surprise she is now the driving force behind all things Stitch! Philippe Michel spots him very quickly and decides to make him work in the creative sector.

JCI Insight - Welcome

Then, he joins Havas where he is chosen to be the Creative Director of Eurocom agency at the age of Creative businessman and talent scout, he loves ideas that strike hard and true. In , Wilf founded The FireFlies Antipodes, extending the advertising industry-driven charity campaign into Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

The inaugural ride, raising money for blood cancer charity The Snowdome Foundation, saw 11 riders from seven different countries traverse the grueling km New Zealand South Island course. Growing in size and stature, earlier in , the FireFlies Antipodes also completed their second tour riding around Tasmania.

Robert is the founder of Ruffian, an LA based multi-discipline studio. Throughout his career, Robert has also been significantly involved in film, animation, art and new media. Prior to Ruffian, Robert spent 16 years at the helm of Stink, one of the most significant network of global companies.


She was responsible for the Finish Reckitt Benckiser global account and currently works on Honda and Halls. Together they played an important role in the creative turnaround of the agency, particularly with their highly-acclaimed work for Aldi. Working in film, more specifically TV ads, has always been a passion of Josephine. On 4 separate days, the patients received metformin 1, mg or placebo suspended in a liquid meal, with subsequent i.

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During minutes, blood was sampled. The direct effect of metformin on GLP-1 secretion was tested ex vivo in human ileal and colonic tissue with and without dorsomorphin-induced inhibiting of the AMPK activity. This study received grants from the A. Emilie Bahne, Emily W.

Young, Morten Hansen, David P. Hansen, Ulrich Rohde, Alice P. However, mechanistic studies in autoimmune disease are limited. Mary Canavan, Alice M. Walsh, Vipul Bhargava, Sarah M. Fletcher, Sunil Nagpal, Douglas J. In this study, the circulating miRNome from diagnostic neuroblastoma serum was assessed for identification of noninvasive biomarkers with potential in monitoring metastatic disease. After determining the circulating neuroblastoma miRNome, miRNAs were screened in 2 independent cohorts of and 54 patients. Evaluation of serum miRNA variance in a model testing for tumor stage, MYCN status, age at diagnosis, and overall survival revealed tumor stage as the most significant factor impacting miRNA abundance in neuroblastoma serum.

Differential abundance analysis between patients with metastatic and localized disease revealed 9 miRNAs strongly associated with metastatic stage 4 disease in both patient cohorts. Increasing levels of these miRNAs were also observed in serum from xenografted mice bearing human neuroblastoma tumors. Moreover, murine serum miRNA levels were strongly associated with tumor volume. These findings were validated in longitudinal serum samples from metastatic neuroblastoma patients, where the 9 miRNAs were associated with disease burden and treatment response.

We describe a protective effect on autoimmune diabetes and reduced destructive insulitis in NOD. Pietropaolo, Roberto Gianani, Steven K. JCI Insight is a peer-reviewed journal published by the American Society for Clinical Investigation dedicated to well-executed preclinical and clinical research studies. The journal was founded in and is headed by Editor in Chief Howard Rockman. In this episode, Manuel Mayr and colleagues identify an ECM-independent mechanism that underlies the antifibrotic effect of miR inhibition…. Go to The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

FGF21 in methylmalonic acidemia. Epigenetic dysregulation of Oxtr in Tet1 -deficient mice has implications for neuropsychiatric disorders. Towers, … , Wei Xie, Yong-hui Jiang. Trancriptional and epigentic dysregulation of the oxytocin receptor in brain of mice lacking exon 4 of Tet1, a key regulator of DNA demethylation.

Yuji Sato, … , Jennifer K. Arora Yuji Sato, … , Jennifer K. Mutations in lamin B receptor or TRIP11 cause a common clinical and cellular phenotype attributable to impaired secretory trafficking and aberrant glycan processing by the Golgi apparatus. A standardized immune phenotyping and automated data analysis platform for multicenter biomarker studies. Sabine Ivison, … , Ryan R. Levings Sabine Ivison, … , Ryan R. IL-6 mediates platinum-induced enrichment of ovarian cancer stem cells. IL-6 signaling blockade combined with a hypomethylating agent can eliminate ovarian cancer stem cells after platinum treatment in preclinical models.

HIV-associated sensory polyneuropathy and neuronal injury are associated with miRNA—p induction. Asahchop, … , M. Fredenburgh, … , B. A randomized controlled trial to investigate the safety and feasibility of low-dose iCO administration in mechanically ventilated patients with sepsis-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome. Hakim, … , Charles A. Gersbach, Dongsheng Duan Chady H. FGF21 underlies a hormetic response to metabolic stress in methylmalonic acidemia. Irini Manoli, … , Randy J. Venditti Irini Manoli, … , Randy J. FGF21 levels characterize mitochondrial stress in methylmalonic acidemia MMA , predict the response to liver-directed gene therapy in mice, and normalize after liver transplantation in patients.

Randomized trial of intravenous iron-induced hypophosphatemia. In patients with iron deficiency anemia, intravenous ferric carboxymaltose frequently causes hypophosphatemia due to renal phosphate wasting by rapidly increasing biologically-active FGF Myles Wolf, Glenn M. Fransen, … , Thorbald van Hall, Ferry Ossendorp. In two mouse tumor models, evidence for an essential involvement of tumor-draining lymph nodes in PD-1 and PD-L1 therapeutic efficacy is shown.

Peptidylarginine deiminases 2 and 4 modulate innate and adaptive immune responses in TLR-7—dependent lupus. Yudong Liu, … , Scott A. Kaplan Yudong Liu, … , Scott A. PAD-2 and PAD-4 inhibition mitigate lupus through differential effects on innate and adaptive immune function. Targeted delivery of VEGF-C after intravenous injection reduces chronic skin inflammation by activating the lymphatic vasculature, representing a potential therapeutic approach for chronic inflammatory diseases. Talk about utopian twists. Drawing on art and architecture from the s onwards, but mainly on artworks from the last decade, it presents the outcome of research into a disturbing paradigm shift.

A curatorial process being a bit like a scientific enquiry, the expo asks if we are indeed moving from the literary realm of utopia into the uncharted territory of day-to-day dystopia. Or if these two concepts, typically seen as opposites, are today no other than two sides of the same coin. Image courtesy of the artist. Urbs et Orbis, Home Economics exhibition - British Pavilion.